Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

We didn't have school on Friday, which made for a relaxing 3-day weekend.  We had our Easter egg hunt after church on Sunday afternoon at Mark's parents' house.

Most of the Easter egg hunt was indoors because of all the rain we had.  We hid a few eggs on the front porch.

Eggs!  Eggs!  Eggs!

This was very early Easter morning.  Will thought the Easter bunny left eggs outside, but then he realized that it was just dandelions.  He was really disappointed until he saw the baskets full of goodies from the Easter bunny.  The Easter bunny was very good about leaving treats in their baskets that weren't just chocolate.  He left them Annie's fruit snacks and fruit strips from Whole Foods.  It wasn't all healthy though, he didn't forget the Peeps and some Ghirardelli chocolate.  The boys managed to eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner that day ;)  Sugar overload for sure!

The Easter bunny brought both of the boys books.  The Little Blue Truck books, Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny by Beatrix Potter.  Will got a new DigiTools pack and Ben got a Donatello Ninja Turtle.

This was taken after church.
Handsome boys!


We didn't get a family photo, but we took separate photos of all of us together.

Happy Easter!


  1. Once again, I love how you guys are so generous to your boys, yet not over the top. It's so lovely.

    Looks like you had a great Easter!

  2. Cute pics!

    We too, had suger overload going on! I'm pretty sure we have more candy at our house than we did after Halloween...I took it all away on Monday and told her that she had to earn it back by going potty : )

  3. So jealous that your Easter pictures contain green grass and NO SNOW!!!! Your little guys are looking so cute all dressed up!!

  4. We LOVE the Little Blue Trucks books. James loves a book called Roadwork, too, that's really cute. Happy Easter!


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