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What I Wore Wednesday {August 2012}

What I Wore Wednesday {August 2012}
It's been so long since I've done a WIWW post that I had a difficult time remembering how I usually do these posts. 
I'm so behind on blogging!  I still have vacation photos from July to post.  I will eventually get to blog about everything I want to, but the beginning of the school year is hectic with little time for blogging.  It may be Christmas break when I finally get around to it, but I will blog about all of our road trip to New Mexico!

In keeping with the  theme that I'm very behind, I thought I'd do a WIWW post with photos of my outfits from August NOT September.
That's my excuse for still wearing white.  It was BEFORE Labor Day!
I'm definitely not a fashionista.  I'm a mom who dresses like a mom :)
I like to shop. I buy most, if not all, of my clothes on sale.
I dress in clothes that make me happy.  Not to impress :)
One more thing...I'm ready for cooler weather and fall temps.  I've had enough of the summer heat and humidity.  Enough!
Top: Loft
Shorts: J Crew outlet
Necklace: Lisa Leonard family tree
Espadrilles: Saludos at J Crew
Crappy photo taken in a hotel room.  We went on a mini-vacation to College Station to end the summer.  We love Aggieland.  Whoop!
Skinny chinos: J Brand at Nordstrom Rack
Top: Milk & Honey
Black Flats: DSW 
Ring: Sundance
Visit to the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory in Brenham, TX
Top: Banana Republic
Shorts: J Crew outlet
Sandals: Shi 
We're at the George Bush Presidential Library at Texas A&M University
Shorts: J Crew outlet
Top: Nordstrom Rack
Sandals: Shi 
Purse: Kate Spade
Dress: Loft
Heels: Nordstrom Rack
Look at Ben's face in these photos--priceless!
White Linen Pants: Old Navy
Denim top: Gap (old from 1998!)
Silver cuff: Francesca's
Earrings: Charlotte Russe 
Ring: Sundance

Cuffed Jeans: Banana Republic
Top: Anthro
Necklace: Old Navy
Sandals: Shi 

Jeans: Hudson
Top: J Crew outlet
Bracelet: Ember Arts jewelry made in Uganda
Shoes: TOMS
(my socially conscious outfit)

Skirt: Ann Taylor
Top and Cardi: Loft
Sandals: Gap
Ring: Sundance 
White pants: Old Navy
Black ruffle top: Gap outlet
Bracelet: Missionaries to India visited our church and I purchased it.  Bead bracelet is from Francesca's.
Earring: Ike & Co (love her shop on etsy!)
Sandals: Loft 
close up of the jewelry
Dress: Francesca's
Cardi: Gap outlet
Bird Necklace: Forever 21
Sandals: Gap

Dress: Banana Republic outlet
Sandals: Shi
Necklace: Early birthday gift from Mark and the boys 
two gold discs with an engraved W and B
Jeans: Hudson
Flower Top and Gray cardi: J Crew outlet
Flip flops: Loft 
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  1. These are great! I especially love that Gap denim shirt from 1998- how cool!
    I miss reading here. I stumbled upon your blog again during my morning coffee and am so glad to reconnect!

  2. Love that second outfit! The pocket on that shirt is very fun!

  3. Well you look great, as always. I love the chambray denim top with white pants - so classic!

  4. love red, white and blue, outfit #9. Classically chic. I also love the green dress on you.

  5. So many cute outfits (and great jewelry), it's hard to pick a favorite!

  6. cute and classic, as usual! love the white pants, black top and turquoise jewelry. cute top from milk & honey. that reminds me, i've got to go there soon!

  7. Love, love, love #1, 9 and 11. Super cute! Can you come dress me please?

  8. You are adorable. I live in Brenham. How did you like the tour? I "get away" to College Station once in a while.

    I'm adding you my blog roll (Other Blogs I read), I'm joining as member too.

    Have a Great Week,
    Green Acres

    Instagram: TikaaC

  9. Oh, friend! I too am so behind on my commenting! I love all of your outfits and have decided that we should just be neighbors and have a community closet. Good? :) We'll be in Texas next year! But I think we'll still be too far away from you. :( My brother is getting married next October in Conroe.


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