Sunday, September 16, 2012


Ben's 3
Will's 5
I'm 35 today!
Mark and the boys made it a special day and wonderful birthday weekend.  On Friday we ate at our favorite pizza place and I stopped by Anthropologie to pick up a couple of latte bowls.  Saturday started with Will's first soccer game and then we ate lunch with Mark's parents.  We headed into Plano to shop at Trader Joe's (it just recently opened!!!), Nordstrom Rack and then we went to Frisco to IKEA.  The guys were good sports going to all of my favorite places.  Today we went to church and had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  The perfect ending to a fantastic weekend!
I'm thankful for all of the blessings in my life, especially my sweet husband and sons. 
I didn't have time to write a list of 35 random things about me this year, but here are my lists when I turned 33 and 34 :)


  1. Happy 35th Michele!!!!! Trader Joes opened??? Happy birthday, indeed!

  2. What a fun way to celebrate!!! Happy Birthday!!!!

  3. Happy 35th! Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate YOU and celebrate life. I'm glad you had a good weekend. Yay for TJs too! :)

  4. Happy birthday to YOU! It sounds like a wonderful weekend celebration!


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