Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Swim Lessons 2012

We only have two more days of swim lessons left.  Will took private lessons last year (photos here), but private lessons weren't available this year from the same teacher because she said she had to get a "real job".  Too bad!  Will was really disappointed because he liked her so much.  We knew the boys needed to take lessons and we decided the nearest YMCA might work.  They offered a class for ages 3-6 so both boys could take at the same time--convenient for us.

The boys were excited for swim lessons on the first day.  Will's been enthused the entire time, but Ben's excitement wore off after day one.  Ben's the youngest one in the class and it's his first time to take swim lessons so I can understand his hesitation.

This was on Friday (I think), which was a good day, but the day before was awful.  We had to have a long talk with the boys and tell them they really needed to listen to their teachers and try to follow instructions. I think the talk worked and they both had a better attitude. Also we bribed them with a trip to McDonald's if they would do their best.

This was yesterday.  Ben did great with the noodle. 

Will continues to improve. 

In the wise words of Dory, "Just keeping swimming."  Hopefully that won't be stuck in your head all day long :)


  1. I have bribed with a trip to McDonald's too! I have also learned that having a talk with Boyd before we do something works wonders. I only recently learned this though. :) The pictures are adorable, especially that first one!

  2. McDonald's always works!!! We can't get ours into swimming lessons until they start kindergarten. I'm glad they get exposure at the lake, though, otherwise I'd be nervous about waiting so long!


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