Thursday, November 3, 2016

Will is 10!

Today Will turns 10!

Here are a few photos from his party this weekend.  We had it at the new house and in our backyard.  It was fun and exhausting to have a house full of boys.  We made a lot of good memories.  

Two years ago we had a party at the land but it was so different then.  We did a scavenger hunt at that party, but the kids are older now so I couldn't repeat the same thing.  I made up clues and hid them in balloons.  They had to find the clue, pop the balloon, and read it to find out where to go next. The clues were hidden all over the land.

Here is Will reading clue #1. 

The scavenger hunt ended with everyone getting a headlamp, which came in handy because it was getting dark.

We are a sweaty mess, but we had a blast celebrating our big boy turning 10.

Here are some of Will's favorite things.

Favorite food: Turkey, cheese, mustard and mayo sandwich

Will's favorite drink is Coke

Favorite fruit: apples

Favorite veggie: potates

Favorite sport to play: Baseball

Will's favorite sports team is the Texas Rangers. 

Favorite toys: PS4, Ninetendo 3ds

The best show on television according to Will is Arthur.

Will's favorite thing to learn about in school is writing and reading.

Will's favorite thing about school is seeing friends.

If Will could go anywhere in the world, he'd go to Washington, D.C.

Will's favorite color is blue

When Will grows up he wants to be a road designer.

His favorite book is Book 13 Series of Unfortunate Events.

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite animal: Dog

One of Will's favorite memories of the last year was going to the Mall of America, Target Field, and seeing the Lerews in Indiana  

Will really likes Texas Rangers baseball and any MLB games that are on TV

This morning we had donuts and this evening we took Will to eat at the new Chipotle in Greenville. 

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  1. Double digits!! Yikes mom! A party with boys is definitely exhausting! And at your house. I hope you had a spa day or something to recover :)


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