Monday, June 8, 2015

InstaMay 2015

It's June and these are photos from May, but I had to share them even though they are from last month.  

I have so many things to blog about for June already.
Here's the list:
1. Ben's kindergarten graduation
2. Will's 2nd grade awards and end of school
3. Ben's Minecraft birthday party for his 6th birthday
4. First week of summer vacation
5. Farmhouse updates

It rained and rained in May.  It was actually record setting rain.  The abundant amount of rain made the flowers beautiful.  These photos were taken at the land.  The wildflowers are very pretty.  I don't know the names of all of them, but here are some. 

As we spend more time at the land, I notice things I've never seen before.  The red oak trees have tiny snails on them.  There were about the size of my thumbnail and some are even smaller. 

We only had a few days in May dry enough to check out the foundation for the new house.  The boys are "inspecting" it here.  They were picking up big pieces of dirt and Ben was calling it "icing".

Unfortunately all of this rain has made our baseball and tee-ball seasons shorter than normal.  Even though we didn't get to play all of our games, the boys have still had a good time.  It's fun to watch them play.  Mamaw and Papaw never miss a game and are such loyal fans.

Two of my favorite flowers in my front yard are coreopsis and lamb's ear.  This was earlier in the month because my coreopsis are struggling right now because of too much rain. 

Ben playing in the backyard.

Field trips at the end of the year are fun.  This was at The Frisco RoughRiders baseball game with my teacher BFF Kacie.

Mark and I had just gotten the autograph of Joey Gallo.  He's moved up to the Rangers now.

Josh Hamilton is back!  He's back to the Rangers now.

Our good friend Ashley watched the boys and Mark and I had a date to watch Pitch Perfect 2.  It was hilarious!  The first 5 minutes had me in tears.  Seriously funny!

Open House for our school is usually in March but due to bad weather it was rescheduled for May.  Will's teacher has such a cute classroom.  He's loved being a "Super Second Grader"!

Ben's gone on lots of adventures in kindergarten.  He's had a terrific year and learned so much.  Look how big he looks here and so proud!  I can't thank their teachers enough for taking such good care of our boys.  We are blessed to have wonderful, caring and kind teachers who are such gifted educators.

I'm the student government sponsor and we had an end of year dance at the junior high.  The boys attended but stayed in my classroom most of the dance.  I love the look on their faces watching the kids dance, especially Will.  

We can't wait for the Minions movie to come out this summer.

Will is a night owl and stays up late to watch the Rangers.  He and Mark love it!

No particular reason to share other than I love the look and smell of a freshly cleaned bathroom.

Just one more example of the record setting rain.  This was taken at the end of my driveway.  Mark and I have lived in our house almost 13 years and I've never seen the end of our driveway covered in this much water.  

I ate lunch with Ben on the Friday before his birthday.  I had a meeting for academic UIL on his actual birthday and wouldn't be in town so we celebrated early.  He requested Dairy Queen chicken strips and fries.  His teacher and I joked about the early lunch time at 10:45am.  She called it "kindergarten brunch" which was pretty funny and true. 

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