Monday, September 30, 2013

InstaSeptember {Part III}

InstaSeptember {Part III}

I got a new phone and I'm so happy about the quality of photos that it takes.  You can follow my instagram feed here. @redbirdblue

Two of the first photos I took with my new phone.  Of course, they are of my sweet boys.

Will feeding our fish, Mike.

Will and Ben before church.  I can't help but take photos of them in their Sunday best.

On the first day of Fall we went to a birthday party with a water slide.  Gotta love Texas weather!

The architect who is designing our home met with us to discuss any changes before he completes the final plan.  We cleaned like crazy to get the house in shape before he came over.  I had to document the moment because it's so rare.  Seriously, a clean house is a great feeling.

 We made a trip to visit my grandma and great-aunt in the nursing home and had breakfast and McDonald's.  We met some of the nicest old people at McDonald's that morning.  It's so sweet how the elderly love young children.  I'm glad Will and Ben have grown up around the elderly because they are able to be polite and kind when they interact with them.  We didn't end up seeing anyone at the nursing home that day, but it was still a good trip.

On Saturday for the first time ever I went to the Johnson St. Smokehouse for some BBQ.  I've driven past this establishment my entire life and never stopped.  The BBQ was good.  The only regret I have is that I didn't get some peach cobbler too.

These pumpkins and gourds were for sale at Walmart.  I was impressed at how good they looked.  Yay for Fall!  It's my favorite season.  I really wanted to buy the entire bin, but Mark wouldn't have any part of that.

I started getting our front porch ready for fall until this creepy spider scared me away.  My father-in-law came by later in the day and caught it and moved it to a different location.  Gives me the heebie-jeebies just looking at it.  My skin is crawling right now.

My silly boys after church on Sunday.  We had a great day of worship and enjoyed spending time together as a family that afternoon.  I seriously never get tired of hanging out with these guys (and their dad too!).

We even squeezed in a quick bike ride.  Ben is not liking that Will can ride his bike faster than him.  He's asking for a bigger bike with bigger wheels so he can go faster.  Ben might inherit his poor sportsmanship from his mommy.

Me. Ben. Selfie.

It's been a great month.  
As you can tell from InstaSeptember {Part I} and {Part II}.  

Bring on October!


  1. September looks like it was a good month!

    Can't believe you are in the final stages of planning your forever home. That's so exciting.

    Thanks for the happy mail you sent me! My husband even said it was the prettiest mail he had ever seen.

  2. Hi Michelle! I am working on redesigning my blog which has been sadly neglected. Frustrated with it, so am taking a break. I am recovering from rotator cuff repair I had 2 weeks ago on my left shoulder. Feeling good, but will have a very weak arm for a very long time. All I do is exercise! 10 times a day! I had the right shoulder fixed a year ago and it is much easier on my left arm for sure! Happy to hear that you are making plans for your dream home! See ya later! Your cousin, Sherry


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