Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall at The Land

I blew up instagram on Sunday with photos from our land in the country AKA "The Land".  We haven't been out to the land in a long time, but it's recently been mowed and now we can walk around.  There are beautiful fall leaves still clinging to the trees, hidden paths, and exposed rock to run and play on.  We plan to have a camp out there very soon.  We also plan to have our family photos taken there this weekend.
This is my favorite photo of the Red Oak tree leaves.
This is where we plan to build our future home once these Cedar tress are cleared.   
Will and Ben will love it when we move to The Land.  I can imagine many hours of exploring in the woods.  I hope and pray that we can make this dream of building our forever home a reality sooner rather than later.
The Land also has this neat exposed white rock.  The boys and I ran around on it and played chase.  They have already named some of the higher spots--one area they called "Kings Hill".   
 Beautiful fall leaves that haven't fallen to the ground. 
This Red Oak has golden leaves...weird that it's a Red Oak, right?
Hello, Sun! Peeking through the trees.  I could wander these wooded paths all day long. 
This path is where we hope to have our future driveway.  I love how the trees form a canopy over the path. 
One word--idyllic
Along the path above I spotted these pretty wildflowers.  Maybe some type of Aster? I don't know.  
Hope you enjoyed my walk through the woods at The Land!

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  1. Your property is gorgeous, and I can just imagine your house on there, one day soon. The colors of those leaves are amazing!


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