Monday, June 20, 2011

Georgia On My Mind

Since we've been home, I've had Georgia on my mind.

While on vacation we stayed in Dawsonville, Georgia.  I enjoyed meeting Mark's extended family. I wish I had more photos to share of our time together. We also visited Cumming and Dahlonega.

Last Monday, before we headed back to Texas, we met up with Katie from The Southland Life in Athens. 

I didn't realize that Dawsonville was so close to so many other Georgia blog friends.  If I would have known, we could have a big blog gathering.  I would have loved to have met Cha Cha from Sit Relax and Read, Pam from Relatively Reagan, Angie from Life With Ike and Kat from Pretty in Pink and Green.  We hope to make it back to Georgia in the future and when we do I'll make sure to meet those lovely ladies in person.  I don't know why I've ended up having such a blog connection with so many Georgia folks.  My grandpa's family is from a town called Ellijay and maybe those people are descendants from the Evans' or Thompson's.  If so we could be distantly related, who knows!  Even if we're not, which we probably aren't, I'm thankful for these ladies and finding such kindred spirits even if they are 850 miles away.

As far as my visit with Katie, I was a little nervous. I adore her blog and think she's one of the nicest and most genuine people in the blogosphere, but I didn't know if we'd click in real life. Well, we did! I shouldn't have worried one bit. The conversation was as natural as if we'd been lifelong friends. We had plenty to talk about and it was so neat to sit in talk in real life. She suggested we eat at a restaurant in Athens called Last Resort. It was a winner! Mark's parents were with us and they enjoyed it just as much as Mark and I did. After lunch, Katie gave us a tour of the University of Georgia. Katie is a UGA alum so it was fun to hear all about the customs and traditions. Ben slept most of the tour, but Will enjoyed seeing everything. Will and Ben both say "Katie" when they see me reading her blog. They just loved her, too!

Katie and I in front of the Arch on the UGA campus.
{We didn't walk under it!}

In front of the stadium.

Katie giving Ben a coin to throw in the fountain.

Will posed for a photo in the university bookstore.

Katie was so thoughtful and gave me this beautiful pedestal milk glass dish.  It would be perfect with fresh peonies in it.

It's found the perfect home above my kitchen cabinets with my other milk glass treasures.

 She also gave us some peanut brittle that was homemade by her grandmother.  It's to die for!  So delicious and highly addictive.  I had to have some self-control so I didn't eat all of it at once.  I have no photos of it because it's all gone!

Thank you, Katie, for making my trip to Georgia so fun and memorable. 

Blog friends are real friends!


  1. For sure we need to have a blog party next time you're in town!!! Love that idea!

  2. Absolutely, blog party next time! I'm there! Gotta go check out these other GA ladies, I don't know them yet! :)

  3. How fun! I want to come to your blog gathering. I was in Dawsonville on Friday.....and graduated from North Georgia College in Dahlonega! Such a fantastic town with tons of memories.

  4. What a fun time!
    I've met one of my bloggy friends. She lives in Utah and it made me genuinely sad to realize that neither one of us knew when we'd get to possibly hang out again. The connections that can be made through blogging really are quite amazing!
    How funny that so many of your blog friends are that area in Georgia.
    Love that milk glass treasure she gave you. It's beautiful.
    Glad you had such a fun visit with her.

  5. Boo! I am nowhere near GA!! I would love to ha
    G out with you gals too!! What a fun trip!! xo, Tessa

  6. "Hang out" typing on the phone!! :)

  7. I just found your blog through Katie's! So glad ya'll had a fun time. Athens is a blast, isn't it?!


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