Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day Wish List

My husband is a really frugal guy.  He never makes big purchases for himself, which is really considerate, but at the same time, sometimes I wish he would splurge a little.  I know I've shared before that we don't buy big gifts for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  We usually just buy what we want or need throughout the year and call it even.  I keep trying to convince Mark that he "needs" a new grill, iPad or set of golf clubs.  He's not easy to persuade.  I'm thankful for my frugal husband because I know he has our family's best interest at heart when he does without.  But, since he won't let me buy him a big gift for Father's Day, I decided to make a list of the top 3 things I would get him if I did splurge.

Weber Grill
He's been eyeing a Weber grill for a while.  Maybe one day he'll get a new one.  Our grill is on it's last leg.  I fully support a new grill because that means he'll do a lot of the cooking in the summer.  We love to grill out and this grill would make it that much easier and fun.

Out of all of the items I've listed, this might be the one that he actually buys for himself.  I'm okay with that because that means I'll get to use it, too. 

Golf clubs
Mark played golf quite a bit before we got married.  We were so broke when we first got married that he stopped playing.  We're thinking about joining the local country club in a few years when the boys get older and they could swim while he (or we if I learn) played golf.

What gifts are you giving for this Father's Day?

This year Mark will receive some handmade cards from the boys and one of his favorite home cooked meals.  I'll let you know if he decides to buy one of the things I've shown you.

Happy Father's Day!


  1. I feel terrible admitting this, but last week ended up being super crazy with the last week of school and then we've had company. I don't have a gift. I think we'll let him sleep in and make a big breakfast and present him with cards.

  2. Hi Michele!

    My husband is the EXACT same way. When it comes to everything, he would rather not spend the money if he doesn't have to. Like you, it's nice because he does have our family's best interest in mind. But it can be hard because he never ever says anything that he wants and if I want to surprise him sometimes it is really really hard. This year he has been stressed at work so I knew a massage would be something he would enjoy. So I got him a gc for that, and the girls and I got him some new much needed boardshorts.

    (Hope Mark picks something fun soon! I'm sure he deserves it. And Jake is a big golf fan. He used to go all the time to, until kids, and now he just doesn't have the time. I'd love to teach our girls one day. And of course lessons for me. ) :)


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