Thursday, March 17, 2016

Spring Break 2016

Last week was spring break for us, and we headed south down I-35 for a quick getaway.  We had the perfect excuse to take a road trip.  One of my best friends from college had a baby and I wanted to visit her.  Being the baby hog that I am I couldn't hold the precious little fella enough.

When in Austin...
You visit the State Capitol of Texas.
When I'm not a wife and mom, I'm a history teacher, more specifically a Texas History teacher. I love any chance I get to visit Texas landmarks. 

We visited the Capitol on Sunday afternoon after we attended Brentwood Oak Church of Christ in north Austin.
The boys enjoyed our quick tour.

After our tour of the State Capitol we were going to try to eat at one of the well-known BBQ places around the area. Guess what?  So was everyone else in Austin that afternoon.  First we went to Franklin's but the line was too long.  We drove to Micklethwait, but they sold out.  Next we tried Stubb's but they weren't serving at that time.  Our BBQ luck had run out.

No problem, because our nephew is now a student at the University of Texas and he was going to give us a tour of the campus.

Y'all know I'm an Aggie, but even this old Aggie could appreciate seeing the UT campus.  If I wanted to get sentimental and reflect,  I'd tell you that our nephew Max was the age of Ben when Mark and I started dating.  That's so crazy because now he's studying at UT and living the college dream.  We're so proud of him.  Someone please tell me where all those years have gone!

We headed to Gruene (pronounced green) and our plan was to eat at the Gristmill since we weren't able to get any tasty BBQ earlier in the day.

The boys and I in front of Gruene Hall.  I think it's the oldest dance hall in Texas or maybe it's the oldest one still in use.  We didn't go inside because it was crowded but we did hear some good music being played.

Huge live oak trees in front of the Gristmill Restaurant in Gruene.

On our way home from Austin, we stopped by the Magnolia Silos in Waco.
Yes, THE Magnolia Silos that are seen on Fixer Upper.
About a year ago, we went to the Magnolia shop on Bosque but I hadn't had a chance to visit the new location. 
The weather forecast had projected storms on the day we planned to visit and the crowds were low.  I think they were very low compared to what others experience.  We didn't have to wait in line at all.

I purchased a few items for the new house.  The kids played outside and had a blast playing a pickup game of baseball with other kiddos playing in the outdoor area.  Chip and Joanna did an awesome job of creating a space that everyone in the family could enjoy.  Mark and I especially liked the food trucks--crepes and coffee from Common Grounds.

Sorry for the blurry iPhone photos.  It's the best I can do right now with limited internet access.  

If y'all are wanting a house update...we're hoping we move in less than a month.  Follow along on Instagram where I share more regular updates. There's more than I can begin to blog about, but one day I promise I will try.

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  1. I'm so antsy for spring break! One. more. day. The capitol building is pretty amazing. I'v never visited a state capital building in my life. Seems like so much history to learn from that visit. I better put it on my list!


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