Wednesday, May 1, 2013

50th Anniversary Party

On Sunday, April 21st we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Mark's parents, Jerry and Carol.  Photos from their wedding 50 years earlier can be seen here.

We had a party in their honor at our church's fellowship building.  There were over 100 guests who came to offer their best wishes and congratulations.

This is my favorite photo of Jerry and Carol. 
Don't they look great!?!  It's hard to believe they've been married 50 years.

We served two cakes.  The cake above is more like a traditional wedding cake.  The cake below is similar to a groom's cake one would serve at a wedding reception.  The chocolate cake was a big hit.  It's pretty standard at any baby shower, wedding shower, or wedding reception that mints and nuts are served.  We didn't want to break protocol so we served those, too. ;)  The photos displayed on the ledge were ones that Carol already had framed and hung in their house.  We just borrowed them to display for the party.

This is such a great photo of Jerry and Carol and their 3 sons.  From left to right: Clay, Mark, Carol, Jerry and Craig.  Craig's the oldest, Clay is the middle and Mark's the youngest.

Here's our family with Jerry and Carol.  We took a pictures of each family with my in-law's.  If we're Facebook friends, then you've probably seen all of those.

The cake made by my friend Brandi.

Chocolate cake with toffee pieces sprinkled on top.

A dozen yellow roses for the golden anniversary.

The registry table

A shot from one end of the fellowship building.
Our fellowship building is probably the ugliest building to try to decorate, but my sister-in-law, Andrea, and my niece, Maggie, worked a decorating miracle.  We joked that we left it in better condition than how we found it.

My nephew, Jacob, made a really neat slideshow with some of Carol's favorite photos over the last 50 years.  It was a big hit and everyone enjoyed watching it.

Will and his cousin Kimberly who is exactly 3 months older than he is.

All of my sweet nieces.  Such pretty girls inside and out!

Ben enjoying (devouring) a piece of chocolate cake.  He's sitting with his cousins, Jordan and Jacob.

My handsome nephew Max and his pretty girlfriend Brittyn.  It's hard to believe Max will be graduating this year.  He was in first grade when Mark and I got married!

Mark and I rarely get a photo together.
Thanks, Maggie, for taking it!

The whole family. I'm so blessed to be a part of such a sweet family.
What a fun day!

We purchased the banners and some of the decorations at Oriental Trading Co and any other decorations used were from Hobby Lobby.


  1. Happy Anniversary to them! 50 years is a beautiful blessing. The cakes look delicious, and are so pretty. Love all of these pictures. xo

  2. Congrats to them! What a great party and a wonderful thing to celebrate! They are so sweet! Love all of the decorations - those cakes are gorg and look delicious!!!

  3. 50 years!! What a wonderful accomplishment. Look like a very nice party!


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