Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Road Trip 2012 {Santa Fe}

Santa Fe is a beautiful, historic city. We visited the Plaza, but we spent most of our time in Santa Fe at High Country Gardens Santa Fe Greenhouses, Trader Joe's and the Santa Fe Baking Company and Cafe

Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi

One of many art galleries

I know it's because I've taught Junior High students too long, but when I saw this sign the first thing I thought of was LaFawnduh from Napoleon Dynamite. If I was sophisticated, my first thought would be that it's a beautiful historic landmark, but no, those were not my first thoughts.

Loretto Chapel
We didn't go inside to see the "miraculous staircase" because it started raining and we were ready to leave.

High Country Garden Santa Fe Greenhouses
It's a great resource if you are interested in xeriscaping.

Ben's happy if he can play in the rocks.

Will taking a rest.

Mark and his parents really enjoyed looking at all of the unique plants and trees.

I wish Aspen trees would grow in Texas.

Vivid pottery for sale at the Santa Fe Greenhouses 

Santa Fe Baking Company and Cafe
Such a cool vibe.

One of my favorite things in Santa Fe was stopping by Trader Joe's.  I was doing some serious shopping so I didn't take any photos.  I was focused on the task at hand.  I stocked up on some goodies I can't get in Texas.  I know there's a TJ's in Fort Worth now and one is opening soon in Plano, but that won't be until the fall.  Can't wait!

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Road Trip 2012 theme :)
"Well, the road didn't cut through the land like that interstate. It moved with the land, it rose, it fell, it curved. Cars didn't drive on it to make great time. They drove on it to have a great time."
Sally, Cars


  1. Oh you make me want to take a road trip. Maybe when the girls get a little older. Right now Emily gets antsy after an hour in the car.

  2. Great pictures friend! I'm glad you guys had such a great trip.

    I think I could live part of the year in Santa Fe, if that was ever possible. :) I love it there so much.


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