Sunday, November 6, 2011

Will's Monster Bash

Will's monster bash birthday party was a hit!

Let me just get this out there before I continue, the birthday party was inspired by Pinterest.  I'll out myself before anyone says, "Hey, did I see that on Pinterest?"  Yes, yes you did see it on pinterest.  Nothing was original, and I'm a total copycat.  But, guess what, it doesn't matter because...

 Will loved it!

He's been super excited about his birthday party for weeks.  We invited several of his little buddies from church, his cousins and other friends and relatives were there so we had a huge group of kiddos for the celebration.  The more the merrier!  He had so much fun that he's requested another monster bash next year when he turns 6. 

Since Will is 5 I thought he'd be old enough to enjoy party games.  We played pin the eye on the monster, decorated cookies and had a pinata.  The weather was beautiful and perfect for playing outside.  The kiddos had a blast just being together and playing. 

My friend, Brandi, has made several birthday cakes for my boys.  She always does an amazing job.  She's creative and her cakes are also delicious.  Brandi is a teacher by day and cake maker extraordinaire by night.

The monster bash monster cake!

Monster Bash!

Will's ready for some fun!

Pin the Eye on the Monster

My friend, Jourdan, made the cool monster.

Getting ready to pin (tape) on the monster's eyes

Lots and lots of monster eyes!

Monster cake with candles

He's a little spooky in the dark with the candles.

My favorite photo of the entire party.  I love the expression on Will's face.

Our good buddy Dade

Blaine, Will and Jarrell

Ben found the ice cream and cake

If the cake and ice cream wasn't enough sugar, we decorated cookies with icing and lots of sprinkles.  I was surprised at how interested the kids were in decorating cookies.  We saved the cookies in ziploc bags if they didn't want to eat them at that time. 

Even the little ones had fun decorating.

Blaine loved the sprinkles.  The more the better.

Fun, fun and more fun!

 I love how they played together so well.  They didn't really need organized activities.  They had fun just running and playing, as you can see.

Pinata time!  Go get that monster Ben!

Will took a few swings.


Will filled his bag with candy and headed to the fort.

Our nephew, Jacob, wore the pinata and posed with Mamaw.

Time to open gifts!

Will was given so many fun toys, clothes and board games.

Show me your best monster face!

Look at all of those silly monsters!


  1. What a great party! The monster cake is amazing and looks like the kids had a blast :)

  2. So cute. I love the theme and your friend did an awesome job on that cake!

  3. What fun party! I love the pic of Will in front of his gifts. Such joy.


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