Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday 11/16/11

What I Wore Wednesday
This WIWW has photos from November 1 - November 15.  I got a haircut on November 2 so my hair is longer in the first photo and a lot shorter in the next photos. 

As for the clothes, it's been a challenge getting dressed.  I've put away all of my shorts and gotten out all of my sweaters, but it's not quite sweater weather.  This crazy weather is hot and then cold...sounds like a Katy Perry song.

November 1
School (I'm a history teacher.)
Gray chinos, striped cardi and flats--Old Navy
Dot top--Target
Felt flower pin--Stones in Bloom
Earrings--Ike & Co

outtakes with my boys

Black skirt--TJ Maxx (brand Talbots)
Pink top with bow--H &M
Black wedges--Target

My new haircut :)

Dress--Banana Republic, Mad Men collection (I bought this dress for around $35.  It was originally $150!  It was such an amazing deal that I emailed Kathleen about it.  I have an obsession with Mad Men and she does too.  I knew she would appreciate my good deal.)
Gray cardi--J Crew outlet
Black wedges--Target

These shoes are very comfortable.  I can even wear them to work.

Sunday after church going to visit my grandma and great-aunt at the nursing home.
Jeans--Seven A Pocket
Bird top--J Crew outlet

We are having unusually warm weather for the middle of November.
Black cardis--Old Navy
Dark gray top--Gap outlet
Necklace--Premier Designs

I didn't really expect to be wearing these in November.

One of my favorite necklaces.

Gray chinos and aqua cardi--Old Navy
White top--Gap
Bird necklace--Forever 21
Earrings--Ike & Co

Sweet little birdie

I could wear these earrings almost every single day.

pleated poppy


  1. oh my gosh that dress looks ah-mazing!! I went to our store and they didn't have it as discounted (I think it was $75), but I think looking at you in it, I should have bought it anyway. Stunning.

    Also love those earrings, totally go with everything and perfectly polished.

  2. darling dress--love your hair too! can you believe this weather? i just put all my summer stuff up finally and then it was 85 degrees yesterday! ugh. i. want. winter.

  3. I don't even know where to start!
    1. Thank you for the shout outs!
    2. LOVE, love the hair cut...I am in desperate need of one myself!
    3. wedges...smitten!
    4. love the pink shirt
    5. love the dress
    Overall, I'm thinking I need to get my act together... :) The weather is certainly NOT was almost 80 the other day!


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