Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday 10/5/11

What I Wore Wednesday

I'm not sure what "normal" is anymore, but I thought I'd try a WIWW post to try to make things seem like they are somewhat normal.  WIWW is fun and it's always fun to see what other ladies are wearing.  My WIWW friends are the best and it always makes me smile to read your sweet comments.

Tuesday: School (I'm a junior high history teacher)
Gray cardi and capris: Old Navy
Teal top: Banana Republic outlet
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

Wednesday: School and church/Bible study
I promise that I own an iron and I use it :)  This was taken at the end of the day after I was tired and wrinkled.
Capris: Ann Taylor LOFT
Navy and white stripe tank and flip-flops: J Crew outlet
Navy top: Gap
Tiny initial necklace: Very Jane deal

Friday: School
Top: Anthropologie (It's new. I bought it for my birthday.)
Skinny jeans: Target
Flats: Old Navy
Wave ring: Sundance

Sunday: church
Monday: school
Capris and ruffle top: Gap outlet
Drapey cardi: Forever 21
Sandals: Gap
Earrings: a gift from Kathleen from GoJo Designs

Thank you, Kathleen!!!  I love them!

Tuesday: School
Entire outfit: Old Navy
Bracelets: H&M
Wave ring: Sundance
New Scarf

pleated poppy


  1. LOVE all of your outfits... especially your birthday shirt and your new scarf!

  2. Love every outfit. Your choices remind me of myself! That animal scarf is the bomb! A white shirt, a pair of dark jeans - classic - add the animal scarf and BAM! Gorgeous!

  3. LOVE the scarf in the last pic. Very pretty! I am anxious to hit up H&M.

  4. hi michele! I love what Janna said and I was going to write something very similar! Seriously, such a classic and great look and that scarf just makes it.
    Love that tan drapey blouse too! The colors are SO pretty on you.
    You look great by the way. Skinny! (hope it's not all from stress though- and just to be clear, you always look great!)
    hugs michele! have a good day. xo

  5. I'm so happy you're back for WIWW. I just love your outfits.

    The new Anthro top is beautiful on you. I also love the jeans, tee and scarf outfit. I love elbow sleeve tees. You look awesome.

    And, so glad you like the earrings. You deserve 'em.

  6. Very pretty Anthro shirt and that scarf is toooo cute!

  7. Love your outfits (as usual) I swear we have the exact same taste :)

  8. love your new top from anthro! also love the outfit with the leopard scarf--i'm a huge scarf girl!

  9. Great job with all your outfits this week. I am loving the anthro shirt. That is one of my favorite places to shop! xoxo

  10. Just catching up on my blog reading.... I LOVE the leopard scarf!


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