Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday 10/26/11

What I Wore Wednesday 10/26/11

I only have a couple of outfits this week.

Outfit #1
Striped top: Old Navy (bought on Clearance for less than $3)
Skinny jeans: Target
Brown boots: DSW
Here's the 411 on the boots:
Brand: Matisse
Style: Becky
Color: Saddle
I purchased them in late August or early September of this year. 

Outfit #2
Jeans: Seven A pocket bought at
Beige top: Gap
Infinity Scarf: made by my sister-in-law Andrea
Flats and white layer tank: Old Navy
Earrings: Ike and Co 

This scarf made a plain outfit more interesting.

I love the colors and textures.  It's so soft. 

Simple earrings that go with everything.   

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  1. I love those boots! I'm in the market for a new pair, since my brown ones are peeling (I will never buy fake leather again)! Those earrings are so pretty too!

  2. Wha? 3 bucks for the ON top??? I paid full price for that thing and I love it! And your brown boots are fabulous!

  3. You always look adorable in everything you post. I love the scarf.

  4. That scarf is gorgeous! Love all the colors.

    I love those boots, I might start hunting them down.

  5. Cute outfits! You got that stripped tee for $3!? Amazing deal! I've got to keep my eye out for one :)

  6. Cute Michele!
    I love the brown boots with the black and white striped top. I love that combo.
    Also love your a pocket sevens. I have them in a lighter color and I wish I got the darker wash.
    Cute scarf too. :)

  7. Love the boots, especially with the stripes! I feel like I am living in my brown boots these days. Cute, cute.

  8. Oh those boots. I just love them. I have a super similar striped top and I wore them with my new brown boots. Love that combo.

  9. love your scarf and the jeans--i'm on the hunt for nice jeans. of course i love those boots--looked all over online and can't find them!

  10. You look rockin' in that stripe shirt and skinny jeans. Hottie!!

  11. You could be in a Ralph Lauren ad with that first outfit. I LOVE it!

  12. love the striped shirt and those boots are amazing! CUTE xo


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