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What I Wore Wednesday 10/12/11

What I Wore Wednesday 10/12/11

I'll spare you any details about why I do WIWW, blah, blah, blah.

If you are interested in reading my long explanations on why I participate, go here and here (end of the post).

If not, here are the clothes :)

Wednesday: School (I'm a history teacher)
Entire outfit: Ann Taylor LOFT and Ann Taylor
Flower flip-flops and bracelets: Old Navy
I didn't select the outfit because all the pieces were Ann Taylor or LOFT, just randomly happened. 

Friday: After school taking my mother-in-law to dinner to celebrate her birthday.  We ate at Mi Cocina, yummy!
Cuffed jeans: Banana Republic
Tunic top: Gap
Sandals: DSW
Earrings: Old Navy
I love the flower detail on the tunic. 
My favorite sandals.

Saturday: Baby shower for my beautiful cousin Laine
Tunic top: Forever 21
Skinny jeans: William Rast for Target
Sandals: DSW (same ones from photo above)
Flower headband: Cotton Lane
Ring: Sundance 
*Cute story about this headband.  I thought it was super adorable.  I was a little nervous about wearing it, but I thought I could pull it off.  I was getting ready to go to Laine's baby shower (see photos here) and just before I headed out the door Will says to me "Why are you wearing your contact lens case on your head?"  How do you like that?  He thought it looked like I was wearing my contact lens case!  That's humbling.  Now it is known as my "contact lens headband" thanks to Will.  I've since then gotten lots of nice compliments on the headband, which has given me the confidence to keep on wearing it.  Love my funny Will and his silly observations :)

Sunday: Church
Sheath dress: Target
Black cardi: Gap outlet
Shoes: Target (they are sooooo comfortable! and cheap only $29 and they are suede) 
Ring: Sundance
*I promise that I own and iron and I use it.  I'm so wrinkled because I usually end up taking the photos whenever I get a chance.  This happened to be after church because I was rushing to get out the door so we wouldn't be late.  I'm sure you can relate to this, right?

Monday: No photo

Tuesday: School
Navy chinos: Banana Republic
Bird/Ruffle top: Anthropologie
Flower headband: Cotton Lane (I love these headbands!)
Flats: Old Navy
Ring: Sundance
 Probably my favorite outfit of the week :)

Thanks for stopping by :)
You know the drill, go here for more WIWW posts!
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  1. I love the last outfit. The pants are perfect and you look amazing in them.

    I also adore your Target dress and shoes - that's a stunning outfit.

  2. love the f21 tunic. so cute!! and i have those target wedges in a different color, love them!

  3. what a funny story about your headband!
    especially love your blouse from anthro--so pretty!

  4. I love your Gap tunic and the last outfit is great.

  5. I have that tan Target dress, but in black. Love the red sweater. Red might be your color, but I am not really that fashionable so don't quote me or base your life on that.


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