Monday, August 15, 2011

Farewell Summer

A lot is on my mind this morning.  Some of it is cheerful and some heavyhearted.

Let's start with the lighthearted.

Farewell summer
I will miss you.
I will miss the laid-back, easygoing, carefree moments that happen each day.
I will miss the boys laying around on the couch watching cartoons waiting to start the day.
I will miss staying in our pajamas much longer than we should.
I will miss being at home with my boys all day long. 
I will miss Will and Ben while I am at school.

Thursday I'll have a guest blogger, Kathleen at Simple Silly Life.  I'm so excited that she's going to share her thoughts here!  I adore Kathleen.  She has the best personal style, and I've asked her to tell us what inspires her creativity in getting dressed every day.  I know it's something I need help with as I start the upcoming school year.

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the pleated poppy blog

I'm getting a new hairstyle tomorrow!
I haven't had my hair above my shoulders in about 6 years.  I'm thinking about giving the Choppy Lob a try.  Lob as in Long Bob.  I have lots of images saved on Pinterest.  I'm not tech savvy enough to transfer them from Pinterest to here or I'd show you. 

One other funny side note about haircuts.  I once cut my hair very, very short in college.  When I graduated high school I had very long hair that was almost to my waist.  I got it cut super short my sophomore year of college.  Do you remember the TV show Dharma and Greg?  I always thought Dharma was too cute, and I loved her hair.  So, I decided in the late 90s that I would cut my hair like hers.  I think Faith Hill also had a cute short hairstyle at that time, too.  I always regretted cutting my hair that short.  I also learned a valuable lesson from that--getting the same hairstyle as Faith Hill or Jenna Elfman will not make me look like them.  Go figure!?! 

Of course, the images I saved to show my stylist are of Jennifer Anniston, Jessica Alba and January Jones.  I would choose the most beautiful women to try to copy, ha!

Baby Shower!
Yesterday I went to a fun baby shower for Jourdan, one of my teacher friends.  I was going to hijack a photo from her facebook page, but I didn't see any photos from the baby shower posted.  It's neat when you become friends with your co-workers.  I feel blessed to have such a positive, sweet person to work with every day.  I can't wait for her new little one to get here.  I knew she'll be a great mom.

Now to switch gears to a much more serious things.

I usually don't share prayer requests on the blog.  I try to keep it cheerful and upbeat, but sometimes you hear things that make you sad. 

Last night I found out that a family friend from many years ago was killed.  He was a firefighter and died while battling a fire at an apartment complex.  It's terribly tragic, and he leaves behind a wife, two children and other family members, friends and loved ones. 

The grandmother of some of my very good friends is in poor health and in the hospital not doing well. 

Also, my grandfather is in the hospital.  He struggles with congestive heart failure and is having issues with that.

Romans 12:12 (ESV)
Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

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  1. Prayers for your sweet family and friends.
    I am sure your new haircut will look amazing! Can't wait to see pics.

  2. I thought I noticed some super cool haircuts you pinned. I love em!

    Prayers for healing and strength for your friends and family

  3. I'm sending prayers to each of the loved ones that need it. The first one hit home... my husband is a firefighter and I often feel he is invincible, not realizing how dangerous the job is. God Bless that mans family!!

  4. Have fun getting your haircut. Good for you! Best of luck with the start of the school year. I remember those days and know that the first few weeks are so busy and insane. Thanks for sharing your prayer requests....praying.

  5. Summer has certainly flew by. How fun to get a new hairstyle! Prayers made for each of your loved ones!

  6. Praying for Papa Ralph and your friends and their families!

  7. I know what you mean about summer! It's always such a sad goodbye when it's over. The peacefulness of the break is always so hard to let go. And I will be praying!!

  8. Sending prayers to the family.
    Can't wait to see your new do.

  9. Summer ending is such a bummer. I know you will the boys as much as I am already missing my e-man. I am excited to see your new cut, change is always good! We are also keeping your family friend and grandfather in our house prayers. Good Luck with pre-planning and your first week!


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