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What I Wore Wednesday Wk 36 & 37

What I Wore Wednesday Wk 36 & 37

I skipped WIWW last week, and I should have known better.  I can barely remember what day I wore these outfit.  I'm glad the date is saved on the SD card and image.

Wednesday: School
skirt: TJ Maxx
green tank: Banana Republic
gray cardi: J Crew outlet
sandals: Gap
necklace: Forever 21
ring: Sundance

Thursday: school
red skirt: Gap outlet (so old!)
black ruffle top: Gap outlet
black and white card: J Crew outlet
black slides: Nine West outlet (so old!)
bracelet: Premier Designs
necklace: glass pendant drop made by my cousin, chain James Avery
This cardigan is one of my very favorites.

Saturday: baby shower
white linen pants and flip-flops: Old Navy (new this spring)
top: J Crew outlet
earrings: Old Navy
bracelets: H&M
ring: Sundance

Sunday: church
skirt, top and cami: Banana Republic outlet (my Easter outfit several years ago)
shoes: TJ Maxx
bracelet: Premier Designs
Lovin' these shoes :)

Sunday evening: Bible study
Monday: school
gray skirt: J Crew outlet
black top: Ann Taylor LOFT
silver flip-flops: Gap
bracelet: Premier Designs
necklace: same as Thursday with longer James Avery chain
earrings: made by my SIL Andrea

Tuesday: school
denim capris: Gap
green top: Banana Republic outlet
white cardi: Gap outlet
slides: Ann Taylor LOFT
necklace: missionaries from India visiting our church
ring: Sundance
earrings: Charlotte Russe

Wednesday: school
jeans: Seven A Pocket bought at
white top: J Crew outlet
striped cardi: Old Navy
red flats: Gap
necklace: glass drop pendant made by my cousin, chain James Avery
ring: Sundance
I love how Will is having fun and being silly in these photos.

outside the lens
This is how I take my WIWW photos.  We don't have a full length mirror mounted to a wall or door so I prop it up on a step stool.  It's fallen off before so the bottom trim of the mirror is missing and the top corner is taped.  My husband keeps telling me to buy a new one.  I guess I should.

Thursday: school
cuffed jeans: Banana Republic
flower top: J Crew outlet (it's new)
silver flip-flops: Gap
ring: Sundance
necklace: Lisa Leonard family tree
close-up detail of the new shirt

Saturday (I think???): running errands
skinny jeans: Target
beige top: Gap
gray layer tank: Old Navy
TOMS: Whole Foods
Ben's outfit: Charlie Rocket

Monday: school
This is so not a flattering photo, but I'm going to share it anyway. 
I look so wide, ugh!  Must start exercising!!!
entire outfit: Old Navy
cuff bracelet: Charlotte Russe
gold wave ring: Sundance

Tuesday: school
chambray ruffle dress: Gap outlet (last year but I saw it for sale this year, too)
yellow flat: Target (who doesn't have these on WIWW?)
close-up of the sweet ruffle detail

Hope you're having a great week!
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  1. You look so cute in everything. And NO you don't look wide. I was thinking how tiny you are as I was viewing all the photos!!!

  2. 1. You look great! I think all of us thinks we could spend a bit more time at the gym.

    2. You look amazing in coral.

    3. Your favorite cardi is one of my faves too.

    4. Your new Jcrew top is awesome.

  3. No, no wideness here-you look great. I love that gap skirt-super cute!

  4. Cute outfits and no, you certainly do not look wide! As I was reading the post, I thought "I wonder if she is going to wear her new shoes?" and then I saw the pictures and thought to myself, "Lovin' those shoes" and then saw that you had written the same thought. Too funny. Great taste, my friend! :)

  5. Cute cuteness! Love the red, black and white outfit and your blue striped cardy outfit - nice color combos!

  6. love the blue cardi with the orange shoes!!! And the high heels! And all of the cute, cute skirts!!!

  7. Loving all your skirts! All great looks! You are so tiny and cute!

  8. Thanks for the nice comments! I was definitely not fishing for compliments, so your kinds words were a bright spot in my day :)


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