Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday Wk 33

What I Wore Wednesday Week 33

Hi WIWW friends!  It's still Michele.  My blog got a makeover recently so if you were thinking you were at the wrong blog, you are not.  It's still me and my Imperfectly Wonderful World.  Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday: School and church/Bible study
Black capris and black cardi: Gap outlet
Gray ruffle tank: J Crew outlet
Earrings: Premier Designs
Flip-flops: Ann Taylor LOFT or Gap
I have two pairs that are very similar and I can't tell which these are.  Does anyone else go shopping and buy almost the exact same version of something they already own?  I do it more than I think I do.  My husband usually reminds me of it by saying something like this, "Ummm...don't you already own about 5 white shirts like that."  He's usually right, but it doesn't necessarily stop my from buying it anyway ;)

Thursday: School
Pants/chinos, white top, and gray cardi: J Crew outlet
Yellow flats: Target--I've had them about a month and they've been all over WIWW.  Great minds think alike :)
Yellow bead necklace: Old Navy
Ring: Sundance
The shoe for Spring.

Friday: No photo

Saturday: Visited my grandparents and had friends over
I forgot to take a photo, but Mark took this one of me and the boys on the couch watching a movie and eating popcorn.
Bermuda shorts: Gap outlet
Teal top: Banana Republic outlet

Sunday: Church
New Easter dress: J Crew
Shoes: TJ Maxx (they are Guess)
Bracelet: Premier Designs
Diamond studs: gift from my brother for college graduation
The shoes!  I never wear high heels but I really like these AND I can walk in them!

Monday: School
Capris and gray cardi: Old Navy
Ruffle top: Banana Republic
 Poppy print flats: Gap
Bracelet: ?

Tuesday: School
Since we were giving the TAKS test, we were allowed to wear jeans.
Skinny jeans and yellow flats: Target
Gray cardi: Old Navy
Top: Anthropologie
Ring: Sundance
I call this the "Lindsey" outfit.  Last week Lindsey looked adorable with her yellow flats and ruffle  top.  I had similar pieces to what she wore, so I decided to put them together to make this outfit.  Imitation is the highest form of flattery.
 One more close-up of the WIWW yellow flats.

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  1. New blog design looks great, Michelle. I have those shoes from Target too...except I bought them in turquoise blue. Were yours super slippery? Mine were, and I fell in them. (I'm ok!) Gotta scuff 'em up! I love them! They looked so cute with my black dress. Getting ready to post for WIWW now :)

  2. You're adorable! I don't link up but just visit to get inspiration. One day I will get out of my pajamas lol :)

  3. Cute, cute outfits and I LOVE the new blog design!

  4. My favorite is your Jcrew Easter dress - so springy and lovely.

    And your Lindsey outfit is dead on accurate. You look great!

  5. Michelle I love your Easter dress! So feminine and pretty. Great yellow flats, I'm seeing them everywhere too - in person!

  6. i love all the ruffles! and those nude heels :) super cute!

  7. I love the ruffles and the mustard colored shoes from Target. I've had my eyes on those. : )

  8. I have yellow flats that are very similar -- from Target!!

  9. Hi Michele!
    Lots of cute stuff you were wearing this week! I love your chunky bead necklace from ON! That is so cute. You looked so pretty in your Easter dress, and those heels are fabulous. Also loved your grey ruffled shirt and your flats from Gap with it. So cute. I was too tired to throw together a post for wiww this week. So I'll hopefully just have one big post next week. :)

  10. Oooh I love all the ruffles in your outfits! And your blog looks AWESOME!

  11. Love that J Crew dress with the sassy shoes!

  12. I love your Easter dress and the shoes are great! Also love your ruffly tees and tanks!

  13. LOVE your new Easter dress and shoes! OOoo- and the Lindsey outfit is sooo Lindsey. Loving all your ruffled tops and I laughed at your 'buying things you already have' comment. So true. I'm guilty, too! :0

  14. The coral-colored necklace is my favorite. You can check out my pick here and link up:

    You might like the necklace!


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