Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday Wk 31

What I Wore Wednesday Wk 31

If you've looked at my WIWW before, I used to get wordy and put some silly disclaimer about being a dork, feeling awkward and not knowing anything about fashion.  I figure if you're here, then you get what WIWW is all about and I don't need to explain why I do it.  It's fun--that's why I do it.  I hope you think it's fun, too :)  Here are my outfits for the week minus a few that I forgot to photograph.

Wednesday: School and Bible study on Wed. evening
It's my favorite combo in a shirt.  Birds + Ruffles = Lovely
Bird/Ruffle top: Anthropologie
Navy Pants/Chinos: Banana Republic
Flats: Old Navy

Thursday: School (I'm a junior high history teacher)
This is the outfit I planned to wear on Tuesday but I didn't go to work that day.  It was still jeans week because it was the end of the six weeks.
Jeans: Seven A Pocket bought here
White top: J Crew outlet
Striped Cardi: Old Navy
Yellow shoes: Target
Necklace: Lisa Leonard family tree
Ring: Sundance

Saturday: Cookout and early Easter egg hunt with Mark's family
Bermuda Shorts and brown flip-flops: Gap outlet
Coral Tank: J Crew outlet
Brown top: Gap
Necklace: Lisa Leonard

Monday: School
*Denim capris: Gap outlet
*These capris were pants just a week ago.  I loved everything about them except the length.  They were just a little too short.  The secretary at our school is an expert seamstress and she turned them into capris for me.  I'm so lucky to have her hem pants or capris for me.  My grandma used to do that for me, but she can't anymore.  I guess I"ll have to learn sooner or later.  You'll be seeing these capris a lot in the spring and summer.
Ruffle top: Banana Republic outlet
Slides: Ann Taylor LOFT
Bracelets: Old Navy
Ring: Sundance
Close up and me squinting

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  1. You have some really cute looks! I'm liking the girly and beautiful. But my fave is the bolder orangish shirt. Thanks for inspiring me!

  2. Lovin' the anthro top (actually your entire collection of tops is pretty awesome).

    How wonderful is it to have a great seamstress??? I've always wanted one...

  3. Love that anthro top and your church outfit:)
    And those yellow flats(Target) are all over the linkup today, including my own post:) I guess theyre pretty popular!

  4. LOVE your anthro top Michele!! SO cute. Looking great again. Cute skirt too.

  5. Cute, love the bird Anthro top :)

  6. Always stopping by to see if we have any of the same outfits! :) LOL. Lookin cute as always!

  7. I love the tank/top in the first pic, what a great find!

  8. Thursday looks like an outfit I need. Super cute!

  9. You have the cutest outfit...and the cutest figure to go with it. Maybe someday, I'll get up the courage to do this myself!

  10. You are too cute! Love the birds and ruffles! I need to go shopping.

  11. Your first and last outfits were my favorites! I'm loving the bangles with your last top, and next time you wear the first outfit, spice it up with a few bracelets too. Girl, you got style ;-)

  12. Love the skirt total Old Navy outfit! It's totally awesome and adorable. cute striped cardi and I love that you turned pants into capris.


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