Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday Wk 30

What I Wore Wednesday Week 30

Hello Dear Blog Friends!  Some days I want to give up WIWW forever and then other days I feel pretty good about participating.  I felt pretty good about this week even though it's a challenge to dress for weather that's warm one day and cool the next.  Oh, well.  That's Texas!  In August, when it's a sweltering 105 in the shade, I'll be longing for cooler weather.  I'll be thankful for the cooler temps right now.

Wednesday: School and Church/Bible study
Gray dress and black leggings: Forever 21
Black top: Gap
Flats: Ann Taylor LOFT
Necklace: Chain--James Avery, Glass Pendant-made by my cousin Jacquelyn

Hi there!

Thursday: School
Pants: Gap outlet
Flower cardi: Old Navy
Cami: J Crew outlet
Shoes: Born bought at Nordstrom Rack
Bracelet: Premier Designs
Arty Cardi from Old Navy last year.

Friday: School
Cuffed Jeans: Banana Republic
School spirit shirt
I looked at Whole Foods for another pair.  I couldn't decide what color to get, maybe gray or navy?

Two outfits for Saturday
Outfit #1
Saturday: Family Reunion
Same jeans as Friday
Tunic top: Gap
Sandals: Old Navy--they are new
Close-up of the sweet flower detail on the neckline

Outfit #2
Saturday: Wedding
Skirt: Old Navy, I bought it about a couple of weeks ago.  Very affordable.
White cardi: Gap outlet
Cami: J Crew outlet--I just realized it's the same one as Thursday :)
Flower detail on the flip-flops
My favorite ring (other than my wedding and engagement ring): Sundance
Bracelets: H&M
I think these are my new favorite earrings. From Old Navy

Sunday: Church
Dress: Gap outlet
Yellow shoes: Target
I love the ruffle detail on this dress.  I wear this dress a lot so you'll see it again.

Monday: School
We wore jeans on Monday and Tuesday because we were giving the TAKS test and it's nice to be comfortable when you are walking around monitoring students.

Skinny jeans and "sticker" shirt: Target
Green layer tank: Banana Republic
Gray cardi and yellow bead necklace: Old Navy
Red flats: Gap
Ring: Sundance
Will calls this my "sticker" shirt because he thinks the dots look like stickers. 

Tuesday: Unexpected day home with my boys. 
My MIL couldn't keep the boys because my brother-in-law's family all came down with a terrible stomach virus.  She had to go to their aid, so I stayed home.  I hate that they are sick, but I love getting to spend extra time with my boys during the week.

*I know this is the very reason that WIWW started.  It's for accountability so one does not look like this!  I'd have a very hard time if I were a SAHM getting dressed in something more than this.  Props to the ladies who make the effort to get out of clothes like this everyday.  I'm afraid I'd give in to the comfy clothes.
Gray top and navy pants: Nike
Layer tank: Old Navy
Nike Shox:  Too old to remember!  I once was a runner you know.  Way back in the day.

What I Would Have Worn
I pick out my clothes the night before and had this outfit ready to wear, but I got a phone call on Tuesday morning that led to a change of plans. 
Jeans: Seven A Pocket
White top: J Crew outlet
Cardi: Old Navy
Yellow shoes: Target

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  1. I love your what you would have worn - that's adorable!

    Favorite outfit is that pretty ruffled dress with the cute yellow shoes. Ya look great as usual.

  2. Love it all! The ruffle dress is so cute!

  3. Loving your denim ruffle dress! I just got something very similar at Macy's (maternity section) and I can't wait to wear it. Go with the navy Tom's.

  4. Loving your outfit! I especially love that dress from Gap Outlet! I really want to go shopping now! Ha.

  5. Love your outfits - I'm on the fence about Tom's! Do you like yours? Are they comfy? You look sooo tiny in your leggings!

  6. Great outfits, I also love the gray dress!! (and the cute baby boy peeking in!

  7. Good luck with the testing! We have our CRCT in a few weeks - and we have extended days for the 12 days prior to testing to make up for our January snow week. Ugh.

  8. I have those same yellow target shoes... love them!

  9. Hi Michele!
    I love your greey F21 dress and leggings. And CUTE earrings from ON!
    Also love your outfit that you would've worn too! Those yellow shoes are SO cute.

  10. You should feel good about participating this week, with all the cute outfits you've got going on here!! LOVE the new old navy skirt and earrings, and your ruffle dress, and your 1st Sat outfit... and your last outfit that didn't get to happen... stylin' lady!

  11. Cute Gap dress. Have you seen the pic of Jessica Alba wearing a similar dress? She paired it with a dark colored cardigan (gray I believe) and combat boots. Really cool. Like your new sandals too.

  12. You are ALWAYS so cute. I'm glad you are not giving up. Please keep chugging along. I love seeing your fabulous pairing each week. Super cute new flops, too!

  13. LOVE the red flats! And of course the Toms....I need to order some new Toms for my Spring/Summer wardrobe...I craving the silvery sparkles :) Hope you're having a fabulous week!

  14. TOMS are my faves!! All these outfits were really cute though!

  15. You are crazy adorable!!! Love your style. Clearly I need to get my heiney over to Old Navy.

  16. love all of your outfits but, man I really LOVED the tunic from the gap!!! I have grey toms that I wear all the time!

  17. I pretty much love everything here! I think my favorites are the ruffly dress, the Old Navy earrings, the yellow shoes, and the flip flops (I'm so so glad it's getting warmer out).

  18. love the old navy flower earrings, and new slip-flops/sandals... a little embellishment goes a long way on a flip flop.
    and I love your dedication to the project. wowza, girl! way to go!

  19. I like that Gap Outlet ruffle dress too! Looks like everyone else does too! : )

  20. You are so cute, and so brave! Maybe I should take this up--and get myself out of my rut I'm in with my clothes!

  21. loved all of your WIWW outfits! you are so cute!

    thanks for visiting and for your sweet comment on my first WIWW post. it was fun. hope to do it again.

    happy weekend!


  22. Love your 'sticker' shirt! Great ruffled dress and love the wedding outfit too. Your little one is adorable. I now have a 'Wil' also. Short for William.

  23. LOVE, LOVE the sticker shirt...too stinking cute!


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