Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday Wk 16 and 17

I combined two weeks for this post.  I really like WIWW, but I've decided to take a break for the rest of the year.  Hopefully I'll be back in January 2011 (2011, that was really crazy to type!). 

Thanks so much for taking time to check out my What I Wore!

Monday: school (I'm a junior high history teacher.)
Pants: Old Navy (really old!)
Green and white print top: Old Navy
Cream sweater: Gap outlet
Flats: Aeropostale
A close up of my green and white top and sweater. 

Tuesday or Wednesday (can't remember): school
Jeans and Beige top: Gap
Gray layer tank: Old Navy
Olive Hoodie: Target
Shoes: Privo bought at Nordstrom Rack
Necklace: Lisa Leonard
Still loving my Lisa Leonard family tree necklace.  It's the first and only blog giveaway I've ever won.  I wrote about it here

Thursday: school
We have a special Veterans Day program at school to honor all of the veterans in our community.  It's such a touching program that pays tribute to all who have so bravely served our country and protected our freedom.  Thank you, Veterans!  
We also attended my nephew's basketball scrimmage and went to eat at my favorite local Tex-Mex restaurant.  You can see on my pants where I spilled salsa.
Gray pants: Old Navy (really old)
Dark gray top: Gap outlet
Flats: Ann Taylor LOFT
Necklace: Premier Designs
I came straight home and took my photo before I forgot. 
Will was still carrying his to go cup from the restaurant. 

Friday: Took Will to his 4-year check up (shots are awful, by the way) and then went shopping.  There was a torrential downpour as we were leaving the pediatrician's office and my TOMS were soaked through and through.  I wish I would have watched the weather before I left home that morning.   I would have chosen different shoes, for sure!
Jeans: J Crew outlet (only $7!)
White top: Gap
Yellow/Ocher tank: Target
Olive Hoodie: Target
Shoes: TOMS bought at Whole Foods

Sunday: church
Plum ruffle dress: Banana Republic outlet (only $17)
Black sweater: Old Navy (only $11)
Gray leggings: Forever 21 bought this summer on a shopping trip with my friend, Shelly.
Black boots: Gap outlet (new $35, thank you, give and get coupon!) 

Monday: school
Pants, Or is it Chinos?:  J Crew outlet
Green top: Banana Republic outlet
Brown Cardi: Old Navy
Scarf: American Eagle
Brown shoes: Born bought at Nordstrom Rack
Gold Ring: Sundance
Gold wave ring from my husband for my 32nd birthday.  I love this ring and I love him!

Ben making a silly face.

Tuesday: school
Navy pants (chinos): Banana Republic
Top: Target (It's new.  I bought it on clearance this weekend for $4.98!!!  My students and the teachers I work with loved this top.  My husband said he just thought it was a white top with dots, nothing special.  He's a total guy!)
Gray cardi: J Crew outlet
Bronze flats: Old Navy
Ring: Sundance
Cute four-year-old: Will 

The last photo is Tuesday after school.  I think this outfit it the main reason Lindsey started WIWW. 
To be accountable to NOT look like this :)
Black pajama pants: Gap outlet, these pants are awesome!  So comfy!
Gray top: Gap 

I'll be linking up to Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy
Go check it out.  It's one of my favorite blogs.

the pleated poppy blog


  1. Michelle,

    I love your plum outfit!! It's cute, and funky fresh! I will miss your Wednesday posts, I always like lookin gat your outfits for ispiration. I tend to get in the slacks/cardigan rut. Happy Holidays!!
    P.S. Dot shirt- I love it!!!

  2. Everyone has and needs an outfit like that last one! I salute you for adding it to your weeks worth of pictures.

    I love that dress from BR outlet! Super cute. I could not see the salsa...but when you spill your supper on your clothes, then you know it was good!!! :)


  3. What wonderful outfits. I looked at the first photo and said "holy cool cream sweater." Then the next shot and loved the jeans. Adore that Target top and the plum dress is awesome.

    I'll miss your WIWW posts but look forward to all the great things you have to share instead.

  4. I'll miss your posts. Til next year...


  5. I love last Monday's outfit ... the cream sweater is adorable!

    Also love Sunday's look - cute!

    I know I've said this before, but I just love your style, Michele! I'll miss your WIWW posts, but I understand about needing a little break. ;)

  6. Hi there!
    I am failry new to doing wiww. Love your cute outfits. I want green TOMS so bad. I have black. Didn't know WHole foods sold them. Cool. :)

  7. you had a great couple of weeks! I love those flats from aero...pretty sure they're the ones I desperately wanted five years ago after seeing them in a magazine and then when I saw them in the shop didn't "feel" like buying them...I KNOW I'd still be wearing them - ah, life's regrets! ha!

  8. I must say, I enjoy slipping into "sloppy pants" after a day of teaching- it is a well deserved feeling!

  9. I love that olive hoodie, so cute, I'd probably never get out of it! And your church outfit was rockin! I like the dot top too, pft, husbands ;) Sad you'll be takin a break from WIWW, I'll have to follow your everyday blog to stay caught up with you!

  10. I am so ready for a pajama day. I just need it to rain. And, my daughter got a pair of TOMS this weekend while we were down south and she said they are the most comfortable pair of shoes ever. I'll have to borrow them from her for a day and give them a try. Thanks for your sweet comments!!

  11. You bought TOMS at WHOLEFOODS?! That is so funny! Great outfits. Loving the green Toms.

    Just Better Together

  12. I love that Target tee! I've seen it on clearance at my Target but someone already swooped up all the ones in my size. Too cute! :)

  13. There are so many outfits that I love! From the plum colored outfit to the Target tee! They all look fabulous! I received my Lisa Leonard necklace this week, and cannot wait to wear it!

  14. Oh my goodness your Sunday dress outfit is THE BOMB. And you're as cute as always :)


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