Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday Wk 15

What I Wore Wednesday Wk 15

Hi, I'm Michele and I'm a WIWW addict. 
I'm also a wife, mommy and teacher.

Sunday: church
Red skirt, black cardi, black ruffle top: Gap outlet
Poppy flats: Gap
My boys getting in on the WIWW action. 

Monday: school
Navy top: H&M (bought on vacation this summer in Chicago)
Pants: J Crew outlet
Flats: Aeropostale (super old!)
Ring: Sundance
We're getting our first H&M in Texas in 2011!
Now I won't waste hours on vacation dragging my husband and little boys into H&M to shop since we'll have one just an hour away. 

Tuesday: school
Gray pants and maroon top: Ann Taylor LOFT
Black flats: Kenneth Cole Reaction bought at Nordstrom Rack
necklace: Premier Designs

Wednesday: school
This outfit is a big deal for me because I wore a belt.  Nothing earth shattering for most of you WIWW fashionistas, but it's a big deal for me.  I'm afraid of belts so I stepped out of my style comfort zone for this outfit.
Cardigan: J Crew outlet
Green top: Banana Republic outlet
Black pants (my fave) and black belt: Gap
Black flats: Ann Taylor LOFT

Wednesday: Keeping it real after work.  This is what I usually wear around the house.
I have a confession--I wore this to church on Wednesday night, too.  I threw on a hoodie and went to bible study.  I'm glad that the Lord looks at the heart and doesn't judge us on appearances.  Oh yeah, I added some shoes and didn't go barefoot.
T-shirt: Maroon Out, Aggies won this weekend, Gig'em!
Navy pants: Nike

Thursday: school
Gray cardi: J Crew outlet
Top: Anthropolgie (it's new)
Pants: Old Navy
Flats: Gap
Ring: Sundance

Friday: school, doctor's appointment and running errands
Black and white stripe top and jeans: Gap (both are old)
Purple sweater: Old Navy
Shoes/Sneakers: Privo bought at Nordstrom Rack, these shoes are so comfortable

Saturday: Will's fourth birthday party!
Light brown and dark brown tops: Gap
Jeans: Gap
Shoes/Sneakers: Puma (can't see them)
Necklace: Lisa Leonard family tree
BFFs: Cory and Terri

I'll be linking up to the Pleated Poppy.

Thanks for taking at look at my WIWW! 
I really enjoy WIWW because I meet new people and see cute and creative outfits others are wearing. I live in a small, rural town and it's easy to get stuck in a fashion rut. WIWW is my inspiration to be more thoughtful in the clothes I wear. It's also become motivation to lose the last 10 pounds of baby weight.

See you next week for more WIWW fun!

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  1. Loving Wednesdays school outfit, that cardigan and belt look amazing. ax

  2. Love the outfits! The boys are adorable!

  3. You always look so put together! The Lord loves sweatshirts I'm certain of it. Your Anthro top is amazing, the boys are soooo cute!!

  4. love the flats in the first pic and your belted outfit looks great!

  5. love your belted outfit--also like your running errands outfit. don't you just love privos?

  6. love your new anthro top. It looks great on you.

    And you totally rock that belt!!!

  7. what a great week! LOVE the outfit with the belt - I wore a skinny belt for the first time this week too. :)

  8. Haha, you made me laugh at the comment about the Lord from your Wednesday night outfit. I often dress like that to Wed. night church too. :) You have me curious..where in TX do you live? I live in North Texas, near Wichita Falls.

    You have cute boys! I love the picture of the one kissing the mirror. Haha So cute!


  9. I love that Anthropologie top, it is uh-mazing! And I love that you were real on Wednesday, and I love what you said about God not judging appearances. How sad that some Sundays I seriously consider staying home b/c I just do want to get ready?! And so excited for your H&M arrival, although crazy jealous, I'm pretty sure they'll never have their sights on Idaho.

  10. My friend swears by Privos! Love the belt! :)

  11. Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone. The outfit turned out adorable! And I absolutely love that anthro top!!

  12. You look great! I know what you mean about after school clothes!!

  13. Loved your looks, but what really impresses me is your ability to manage such a busy lifestyle. Women rule!

    Oh, and the belt . . . two thumbs up!

  14. love, love, LOVE your wardrobe! and the belted cardigan is my favorite! you should definitely do belts more often. :)

  15. Love the kids poses! Adorable. Your outfits were wonderful, which one do I like best? Eenie, meenie, miney, moe!!! Both our 4 yo had a party...woo hoo! We must be bosom friends. LOL
    Thanks for your support on my site. See you next week!


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