Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday Wk 11 and Wk 12

I've been participating in What I Wore Wednesday for longer than I ever thought I would.  It has been so much fun these last few months, and I always look forward to linking up to the Pleated Poppy to share my outfits (however lame they may be!).  Lately I've had a hard time keeping up with work, family and home so remembering to photograph my outfits has been at the bottom of my to do list.  Since I'm struggling to keep a record of what I wore, I combined the last two weeks for this WIWW post.  My short-term memory can be sketchy at times so the info may or may not be accurate.

Why do I keep doing WIWW?  I really like linking up to Lindsey's blog and meeting other fun bloggers.  I know my clothes aren't the most fashionable or chic, and I'm okay with that.  I love link up parties because I  find blogs I can relate to.  The blogs I connect with most are written by ladies who are doing their best to make it through each day (and look nice while they are doing it).  I've met some really great people through WIWW and it keeps me coming back.

Thanks for checking out my What I Wore and remember to stop by the Pleated Poppy to see what others are wearing.

Week 11 
Sunday: Church
Dress and leggings: Forever 21
Flats: Ann Taylor LOFT
earrings: Premier Designs

 Monday: School
Gray sweater and black pants: Gap (these are my favorite pants)
necklace: Premier Designs
Gray ruffle flats: Gap outlet

 Tuesday: School
Top and pants: J Crew outlet
Layer tank: Old Navy
Necklace: Forever 21
Bronze? or Gold? Flats: Old Navy

Wednesday: If you liked it on Sunday, you'll love it on Wednesday!  Same outfit as Sunday plus one cute little guy, Ben :)
 Close up of the Premier Design earrings

Thursday: School
Skirt: TJ Maxx
Gray Cardi: J Crew outlet
Green Tank: Banana Republic
Black Flip Flops: Ann Taylor LOFT
Fun detail on the skirt 

Friday: After school running errands
and I wore it again...
top: Gap
layer tank: Banana Republic
brown capris: Ann Taylor LOFT
flip flops: Aldo outlet

Week 12
Sunday: church
Bird/ruffle top: Anthropologie
Navy pants: Banana Republic
Flats: Old Navy 

Thursday: School
"Arty Cardi" and pink flower top (which I think is a Boden knockoff): Old Navy
Pants: Gap
Flats: Old Navy 
I really like the detail along the neck of this top. 

Friday: after work going to eat with my family at Chipotle 
(I'm partial to Tex-Mex, but Chipotle is pretty darn good!)
top: Old Navy
yellow tank: Target
jeans: Seven A Pocket (my favorite jeans)
shoes: TOMS

Saturday: Dallas Arboretum and State Fair of Texas
Beige Drapey Cardigan and necklace: Forever 21
Blue tank: Target
Jeans: Seven A Pocket

Thank you for taking a look at my WIWW!

I'm linking up to the Pleated Poppy to share.  Hope to see you again :)
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  1. Honestly, I love your style! You are as cute as can be!

    Love the earrings from Premier, and I really like Monday's ensemble!

    Cute, Michele!! ;)

  2. i love that cardigan. and the pumpkin statue thingy is really cool.

    See What i Wore HERE

  3. found your blog through pleated poppy - you've got great style and I like your blog.
    I'll be back!

  4. I enjoy your WIWW posts every week, I think you have cute style!

  5. You have great style!

  6. I really love that big necklace from forever 21. Thanks for sharing!

  7. All of your outfits are adorable! I like the grey dress and leggings--even twice ;) I do that too! Oh and that burgundy skirt with the green top was a great combo.

  8. You look so cute! I love your favorite black pants on you!

  9. cute outfits! my fav is the pink flower top with the cardi- i love cardigans!
    thanks for commenting on my blog!

  10. your looks are great... love everything! ;-) Especially Wednesday and Sunday...

  11. How funny- I'm pretty sure I have the same Premier necklace you were wearing on Monday. Love your 'arty cardi' combo. thanks for the tank tip on my blog! Your little Ben is such a cutie! Kids make these pics more fun.

  12. Love your style! These outfits are super cute!

  13. Those black pants are really fabulous (and your little man is so cute). And as always, love checking out your looks.

  14. so so so agree with your reasons for continuing to do WIWW, I just like meeting all the other fabulous women and the incentive to get at least a bit ready :) I love that TJ Maxx skirt, the detail is fab! And I am so jealous of your arboretum, how amazing is that shack with all the gourds?! We should be moving to Alabama soon, maybe they have an arboretum? Or maybe I can make a day trip to Texas, just lovely!

  15. Super cute style! Thanks for commenting on my own attempt at WIWW! Love the idea and seeing what others wear.

  16. I {heart} Premier jewelry, too. And that TJ Maxx skirt is adorable!!


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